Client Products

Client Products

Computers have become a necessity rather than an accessory for modern day office as well as home users. However thanks to competition, today there are endless number of brands both local and international selling scores of models of PC’s, workstations, laptop computers, Netbooks and much more. We at NetOne have the required expertise to guide you through a wide range of computer products associated with international brands to suit your needs. We are certified resellers of top brands in the computing sector and we also deal with the sale of utility as well as security software for computers. Our expertise includes:
  • a. We offer Desktops and Laptops from brands such as HP, Dell, IBM and Lenovo. These brands have a comprehensive line up of products meant for the computing industry that suit both home users as well as enterprises.
  • b. As an HP Preferred Partner, we handle the distribution of HP printing solutions. HP has a full set of complete printing solutions like the Laserjet series of printer as well as the Deskjet series. This is in addition to the numerous all in one combo solutions for printing, scanning, fax and MFP.
  • c. NetOne also delivers scanning solutions of HP and Epson for its domestic as well as corporate customers. Epson and HP are known for providing reliable hardware and hence by partnering with them, NetOne delivers quality scanning solutions to its diverse set of customers spread over different industries.
  • d. Very often several business enterprises require the use of dot matrix printers and NetOne does not disappoint them as we have a full range of dot matrix printers from Epson made available for our customers. We are committed to serving the computing needs of our clients no matter how complex they may be.
  • e. Multimedia projectors have become an irreplaceable part of modern day seminar’s at schools, conferences, workshops, user events involving business delegates, board meetings, annual report presentations, etc. Keeping in mind, the need for quality hardware for use as projectors, NetOne has tied up with Sony, Epson, Dell and Acer to provide state of the art multimedia projectors for our clients.
  • f. Frequent power supply disruption, irregular voltage balance, unstable power connections, etc make for a humongous challenge to business enterprises to ensure that their business continuity is not affected. We at NetOne have the widest range of voltage stabilisers, UPS, etc to combat irregularities in power supply and to also ensure protection to computer hardware from power surges. We provide only quality products from the likes of APC and MGE.
  • g. Whether it is creating a document for your school assignment or preparing a presentation slide for depicting your businesses financial status, utility software applications are in much demand from both home and office customers. NetOne offers a comprehensive set of such software from Microsoft and Adobe with valid international licenses so that you can receive authorised support for your products should you find any difficulty in operating them.
  • h. System security as well as protection from internet risks is a top concern today. NetOne offers a wide range of computer security software solutions from Symantec and McAfee to ensure that your valuable credentials are safeguarded against both online and offline threats.

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