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Business continuity is vital, and in today’s world with high dependencies on ICT systems being redundant is the wise choice.

We are N Data, a subsidiary of Zambia’s leading Information, Communication and Technology player – NetOne IT. We have pioneered Zambia’s first and only multi-tenant data centre. And we offer you data management services that follow, and in many cases outdo industry best practices. We understand how crucial data availability is to a business’s success. We know how important it is that you are able to access your data anytime you need it. More importantly we understand how vital it is for you that your data is always safe and secure. When we designed our data centre, every single layer of it was laid out to meet these needs. If a component answered affirmatively to a question of our clients’ needs for data security and availability, it formed a part of our design. That’s how we know that our data centre is an all encompassing, totally fulfilling facility. Our state-of-the-art-facility places a balanced emphasis on both the intelligently designed facility, as well as thehi-tech equipment. All, so that your data is safe, secure and accessible, leading to increased profits and continuity for your business.

About – N Data Build

Location and Construction

Zambia Map Our data centre is located in Lusaka, Zambia, occupying a massive area of 3183 sq. meters in total. Off this, the data centre structure including the service areas and control centre measure340 sq. meters, with a generous 195 sq. metersset apart to house 90 racks.

N Datais housed in a single storeyfacility, with tier 3 standards, making this the first and only multi-tenant data centre in Zambia. It has close proximity to power grids, telecommunication & network infrastructure, and quick emergency services. Here, your data is safe and secure from natural calamities, and all harmful human interventions.

Ourstate-of-the-art facility offers smart space for all your data requirements. It is fully redundant, provided with multiple power sources for failover. The facility has been built with double panelled walls bearing thermal insulation between them.This protects the data centre from harmful effects by maintaining optimal temperature.

The data centre has an array of secure network connections to work on and is protected by redundant cooling. Our automated, electronic internal cooling system has 30 kilo watt cooling units connected in a redundant configuration, placed across the data centre floors in a hot-isle – cold-isle configuration. Only a minimum number of units are switched on at one time. These are managed electronically to ensure maximum power utilization, and maintenance of optimal room temperature and humidity levels at all times.

All of your data is protected by an automatic fire suppressant system globally tested and certified by World Health Organization as human friendly HCF227 inergen. In the unlikely event of a fire, smoke detectors linked to the fire system will activate it, simultaneously alerting security personnel and N Data’s technical team.

Our architectural partners are the well reputed and experienced DSS Design, supported by Bluestone Design Consultants for the structural designs and drawings.

The floor space in detail

Here’s how the 340 square meters of built up area is utilized:

Rack Space

Data Center Floor Space Our data centre’s 90 racks are housed in a secure rack space, built on a raised floor that’s 300 millimetres high. This provides for spacious under-floor cable trays that contain both power and data cabling, and ensures that equipment is protected in the unlikely event of a flood. All our data racks, supported by UPS and generators, are completely power-redundant.

The entire area is monitored24X7 to ensure that the highest level of security is maintained at all times.

Control Centre

Control Center The control centre is the focal point of all security measures in the data centre building. At any given point of time, at least 2 security staffman this room, recording all facility readings on an hourly basis. This data is then verified by the technical staff daily. This includes temperature, status of safety systems and more.

Networks Room

The networks room will provide the core connectivity to the data centre. Two service providers will terminate their fibre links to the Networks room and these links will connect to the customer sites via the metro fibre network. The networks room will house all switching and routing equipment to cater for the connectivity and bandwidth allocations to each rack placed in the data centre.

The MPLS network ensures point to point connectivity from specific sites. The internal network runs on a CAT6 platform providing 1 Giga Hertz throughput on all data. This also provides multiple sources of data feed through cables from the meet me room to each rack.

UPS & Battery room

All equipment housed in the data centre including the racks, servers, storage, switches and routers are connected to an enterprise UPS for a 15 minute backup. This is in addition to the UPS connected to each rack. This room also houses the battery cabinets and batteries for the enterprise UPS.

An independent 3KVA online UPS at rack level gives instant backup, and a 120KVA enterprise UPS provides power for a further 15 minutes. The UPS area built separately from the data racks ensures easier maintenance and double security for the facility.

The PhD Powerhouse 120 KVA online enterprise system with its supporting battery cabinets are also activated in case of voltage fluctuations. Uniquely, this unit allows for AC power to be converted to DC at the UPS stage, thereby feeding clean power into the data centre.

Generator Area

This is a covered area, with security bars restricting access to this area while maintaining sufficient airflow. The generator backup consists of not one, but two Cummins 160 KVA generators for redundancy, configured to auto-start when power fails.

Security Control Area

Security Control This is the security control point for all persons entering the data centre. Access to this area will be permitted only after clearance from thedata centre technical team. For foolproof physical security, access is restricted to select, authorized personnel. 10 IR 100 meter CCTV cameras placed strategically, closely and comprehensively monitor external movements anywhere outside the building. Dome CCTV cameras, positioned internally; monitor every inch of internal space including rack spaces and service areas. All surveillance is performed and recorded real time, 24X7. An electrified palisade fencing all around N Data strengthens security further. The security control area monitors the whole building management system including the status suppression, cooling and power. In the event of any irregularity the technical team would be notified immediately.

Loading Area

Loading Area This is where the movement of physical infrastructure to and from the data centre takes place. All physical infrastructures must pass security clearance before entering the separate loading area, as well as before accessing the rack space. Service vehicles have a separate entry to the service bay, with absolutely no visitors allowed into the service entrance. All customer equipment is loaded and unloaded by N Data personnel to ensure complete security and care in movement. The equipment is then assembled in the equipment control room before entering the main data centre floor space.

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