About Us

NetOne remains committed to helping our clients create, implement and
manage comprehensive business systems using the best-in-class technology offerings.

NetOne IT is an international IT services and software solutions provider with over 15 years of experience. We focus on IT services, consulting, and custom software engineering services for Zambia and the African continent, leveraging global resources. 

We serve international organizations, governments, and private organizations by delivering technology excellence, faster time-to-market, world-class quality, and security of software applications, along with industry best practices.

NetOne IT is an innovative solution provider that constantly strives to provide its clients with automation solutions, state-of-the-art IT solutions, services, and infrastructure. We have highly skilled and certified IT resources with global experience. We are proud to be among Zambia’s leading IT Solutions providers who empower businesses with innovative solutions that improve efficiency by saving time and costs.

We are a customer-centric company and focus on the needs of our customers with a requirements-driven approach coupled with unique customized solutions that meets our customers’ needs. We have a cross-functional team that has the much-needed local expertise in working with Zambia’s organizations of various sizes and industry verticals. 

NetOne IT’s commitment in every client engagement is to ensure the success of customers’ innovations in IT-process and software systems. We help businesses rapidly maximize ROI through their technology investments and digital initiatives. Over the past decade, we have been able to empower businesses with digital IT solutions.

Our partnerships span global leaders, including Dell, HP, Cisco, Microsoft, Sage, VMWare, Symantec, Oracle, and NetApp. With these world-class products and IT services, we strive to make businesses in Zambia enjoy the latest emerging technologies to compete at par with the world.

It is our professionalism and expertise that keep driving us forward and helps us in conquering greater achievements. While we have evolved and continue to look ahead to the future, we remain committed to our core purpose, and to the fundamental aspects of our thought leadership.

NetOne IT was founded in 2007 as a provider of ERP systems in Zambia. NetOne took its baby steps forward in 2007, beginning with ERP System deployments and customization. 

We had a strategic initiative to bring the concept of Carrier neutrality to our data center facilities and services.

We diversified into Hardware products and surpassed expectations to become Dells exclusive Tier 1 distributor for the Zambian Market.

A year to have a progressive vision for the company and thereby restructured its business model to a group focussed operations.

NetOne IT had expanded office property and reallocated to new office to offer a wide range of products and services, with an equally wide range of in-house skill sets.

Brings in the initiative and conceptualisation of Swish and started the product road map

Other global brands such as HP, IBM, NetApp, Microsoft, and Cisco tied up with us. This took us to greater heights in terms of personnel, expertise, and technology. Our revenues surged.

Enabling a board director’s workflow and procedures on NBoard allows companies to organize and simplify board meetings onto a single, secure, collaborative platform.

Saw NetOne entering the enterprise services space and market with global enterprise brands and providing enterprise network solutions.

Launched a Device Enablement Scheme.

Was a big year as we conceptualised the Data center and commenced construction of the facility.

Launch of the Swish Payment App

The launch of our Tier-III data centre under N-DATA firmly established NetOne as a leader in the industry, bringing the latest and most advanced technology possible to Zambia and offering IaaS.

Launches Security Operations Centre o safeguard clients against digital and cyber dangers.

We hosted first Login Technology summit which was a unique one of a kind event ever held in Zambia.

NetOne launched software as a service (SaaS) offering services as Email, Antivirus & Network monitoring softwares and tools.