Disaster Recovery In Cloud Computing

In today’s growing economic world technology is one of the most important aspects that enable development. Data is the most valuable asset of any organization and the loss of data can result in damaging outcomes for businesses that are irreversible and can cause much chaos in daily operations. Hence it is close to impossible to […]

Emerging Trends In Big Data Management And Analytics

Big Data

It is an era governed by data and there has been no other time in history where economies and the society have become so dependent on data.  Hence it is imperative to say that technologies have transformed and evolved to accommodate more and more data that can be aptly used as a major resource for […]

5 Technologies that will rule the year 2023

The future has never been so exciting as it was earlier and as we are in the 4th Industrial Revolution the one thing that has been evolving faster than ever is Technology. This is an era of universal Digital Transformation where no one part of the globe is left out from the use of the […]

Code injection, how does it work in Cyber Attacks

Times have changed and so are the methods and means of disrupting, stealing and crippling the society. Data has become much more valuable than ever before as the economy is governed by the enormous digital transactions carried out via several computer systems stored in data centers.  With the advent and flourishing use of the internet, […]

The importance of Cloud Computing that shapes our society’s future.

Technology has always transformed and taken new forms to provide better living environments that enhance the lives of people. This is considered as an evolutionary process as each new introduction of technology provides business to create newer needs and methods to satisfy customers. One of the most flamboyant innovations of this century, “Cloud Computing” has […]

What is a tier3 data center

Technology has changed according to the requirement of business and also the world economy at large as dependence on data has been manifold over the past few years. In an age of growing and flourishing online business activities, it is imperative to say that technologies which are loaded on cloud platforms are in demand due […]