Backup as a service (Baas)

Fast, flexible, and secure backup solutions meet your business objectives every time.

Backup as a service (Baas)

Your organizational data is a goldmine, and backup solutions help secure your data availability. NetOne designed cloud backup solutions to safeguard your data within our secure cloud environment. Our services are scalable according to your organizational growth and following requirements. As a result, we develop our Backup-as-a-service (BaaS) solutions specially designed to be flexible and adaptable, allowing you to upgrade and scale them to suit your needs.

  • Protect your data from unpredictable events with NetOne’s leading cloud backup solution: Your data is crucial to the success of your business. NetOne is a trustworthy provider of cloud storage solutions. Our scalable solutions provide the flexibility that supports the expansion of your organization. Our economic plans are incredibly secure and lightning quick to bring your data back online in case of any unforeseen event. 
  • NetOne Data Center: NetOne provides access to its worldwide data centers and cloud services to ensure timely backup and security of your data. Our cloud backup solutions offer a multi-tiered support strategy that begins with replication and synchronization.

Benefits of using NetOne’s Baas:

  • Reliable data retrieval on time with data security are all addressed by NetOne’s data backup solutions, which also provide information resilience with data security.
  • With NetOne, you can flexibly increase your backup data volume to meet your business demands, thanks to its strong support for virtualized and cloud-based installations.
  • Our cloud expert teams monitor the BaaS environment to safeguard and ensure sync and availability of vital data.

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What we Offer?

  • Replication and Synchronization : We routinely backup your data. We make sure to replicate and synchronize your files to a hard disk storage space that is recoverable in the event of any disaster as you continue to add mission-critical apps and data to your server.
  • Hard Disk Synchronization: Our next level reads disk volumes and synchronizes the system while running without interfering with active processes.