Protect what matters critically with Zambia’s most trusted colocation provider.


As one of Zambia’s best colocation providers with the quickest growth rate, NetOne’s Data centre supports hundreds of clients with secure and high-performance infrastructure in their digital transformation journey. We have robust data centre ecosystems, unwavering standards, service levels, and environmentally friendly architecture and operations, assuring total privacy and server control in the client’s hands. We have leading international organizations, and prominent industries choose us as their data centre colocation provider.

Capability Points:

NetOne is an industry leader in quality data centre compliance, trusted by some of the world’s most highly-regulated enterprises. Reduce data centre risk with our compliant data centres with colocation capabilities.

We are the guardian of choice for several businesses. Our highly secure data centre is strengthened physically and digitally with industry best practices and regular security audits.

At NetOne data centre, we provide a comprehensive suite of remote competent hands services, including rack and stack services, builds and installs, hardware, power, and connection, as well as regular hands-on maintenance duties.

Benefits of using NetOne’s colocation facilities:

Cost-Effectiveness and Cost Savings: Colocation in a data centre helps you combat rising onsite data expenses. You can reduce sizeable initial capital expenditures on hardware, infrastructure, and facility leasing.

Security and Compliance – Data security is a significant concern for organizations and individuals. Companies may utilize colocation data centres to safeguard their infrastructure with multiple layers of protection.

Ability to Scale to Your Demands: As businesses expand, their IT requirements will increase. NetOne enables organizations of all sizes to continue growing without being hindered by the inability to scale due to high capital expenses.

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Our Expertise

Rack space rental

Housing and securing your mission-critical apps and systems do not have to be a burden for your organization. By “renting” the dependable and tech-savvy services of NetOne’s Rack Space Colocation data centre options, you can drastically decrease the operational and capital costs associated with managing all this equipment.

Cluster Space

NetOne’s data centre cages aim to facilitate the subdivision of regions inside colocation data centres and to enhance the security of server rooms and data centres. Ideal for customers in need of exclusive floor space as it gives greater flexibility and privacy with our rigid metal data-center cage options.