Maximizing data center connectivity solutions


Connectivity is essential in the rapid pace of digital transformation. By utilizing the Netone data centers and technology, you can gain a high level of security, dependability, privacy, and low-latency connectivity. We facilitate connections at the data center to any of your partner service companies as and when required.

Benefits of using Netone’s Connectivity Solutions:

  • Address market possibilities and commercial partnerships more quickly.
  • Netone data center serves as a hub for telcos for interconnectivity.
  • Robust, reliable, and efficient connectivity solutions from NetOne.

Clients can opt to connect to available services. We will provide the required connectivity solutions inside our data center as per requirements.

We help businesses establish private connections with other participants in the Netone data center ecosystem. An offering of a low latency + private optical network is possible using DC. We ensure a high level of connection resilience through redundant network design.