Email as a Service

Simple and faster business collaboration.

Email as a Service

Today’s business users rely on instant communication with email seamlessly across their desktops, smartphones, tablets, and personal computers. Our business email services have met the rapid growth of these devices and customer expectations. Collaboration features like notes, calendars, tasks, and address books should synchronize perfectly across any connected device. Microsoft Exchange powers our email as a service, allowing our customers to access emails from any location and mobile device seamlessly.

Benefits of using our email services:

Easily communicate with your Android, iOS, and Windows mobile devices as well as cellphones and tablets. We provide wholly integrated corporate collaboration solutions that boost productivity for your team, including calendars, tasks, and notes. 

Our Expertise

We offer the best email service with unmatched features and expertise.

  • Webmail: Microsoft’s cloud email hosting solution is famous for its enterprise-grade robust platforms. Engineers and NetOne’s NOC are configuring and monitoring the email services.
  • Highly Secure: Your email communication is given protection from malicious script authentication and brute force detection thanks to built-in encryption.
  • AntiSpam / Email Spam Filtering: Genuine email is sent and received with unrivaled precision and speed by NetOne’s secure mail solutions. We provide enterprise-grade spam filtration powered by predictive technology for every company.