IT Audits

Supporting your business growth with independent IT audit services

IT Audits

Technology environments get complex with increasing capabilities, platforms, and functions. Understanding the gaps (what and where) can make the difference between success and failure. IT auditing offers several advantages, like increasing security, compliance adherence, uncovering gaps, and optimizing IT operations. Audit procedures are frequently far more complex and time-consuming, and here’s where NetOne can reduce your auditing workload and help you accomplish your objectives with significantly less effort. We can help create a strategic IT plan for organizations to drive your enterprise of tomorrow with stringent audits that support the ability to view beyond the immediate and plan for the future.

Our IT Audit Approach

  • Improves your risk exposure awareness across the enterprise
  • Develop customized audit plans
  • Enhance the risk management processes
  • Strengthens the organization’s internal control structure
  • Improves IT and business processes and increases efficiencies.
  • Adds value through proven and innovative solutions.

Benefits of using NetOne IT Audit:

  • Reduce IT-related Risks – One of its key advantages is that it reduces the risks associated with confidentiality, integrity, and availability of essential systems and data.
  • Improves Data Security – Identify and evaluate the audit control for data and system security to discover gaps and fix them. Businesses gain the chance to improve or rebuild inefficient or poorly constructed processes.
  • Enhances IT Governance – Auditing is crucial in ensuring that all of your company’s personnel and IT department comply with all regulatory compliances and improves IT governance across the enterprise. 

Our expertise

System and application Audit

NetOne auditors analyze systems to identify weaknesses and risks, recommend improvements, and optimization opportunities, reduce expenses, and do timely risk identification and mitigation.

Enterprise Architecture Audit

Our experts analyze and examine the current IT landscape and silo-based systems, curate business value, and measure outcomes to help shift to an integrated and cohesive enterprise ecosystem.

Security Policy Audits

We perform comprehensive information systems audits like risk assessment of IT systems, processes, and products and

Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) audits (ISO 27001 standards).

We deliver high-quality client service and are responsive to your IT needs.