Build, deploy, and grow your cloud infrastructure with NetOne’s virtualized computing resources.


Cloud Infrastructure Consulting

We assist you in lowering the expense of cloud migration


Cloud Infrastructure Consulting

We guarantee excellent performance, availability, and scalability


Cloud Infrastructure Security

We keep an eye out for security threats against your cloud infrastructure


Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Gain end-to-end IaaS. NetOne assists businesses in maintaining fully functional, dependable, and cost-effective IT infrastructure. Administration, monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimization of enterprise IT infrastructures are all covered by IT infrastructure services.

Capability Points

  • A skilled IT workforce with a variety of domain expertise in enterprise servers and storage, Virtualization (VMware and Hyper-V), networking firewall and cyber security.  
  • Expertise in various industries, including healthcare, retail, manufacturing, banking, financial services, marketing, and advertising.
  • We ensure SLA flexibility and transparent pricing.
IT Experts

Benefits of using NetOne’s IaaS

  • Cost Savings: Reduces capacity that is unused to increase savings. IaaS from NetOne allows businesses to avoid the expenses of assuring uptime, maintaining hardware and networking equipment, and replacing outdated technology. It enables you to pay just for the capacity you use when you require it.
  • Flexibility – Provides more scalability to increase or decrease infrastructure on demand. NetOne’s IaaS is a versatile IaaS platform for various contexts, including development and testing.
  • Reliability – We offer IaaS services that feature high availability and reliability. 
  • Increased Security – Our IaaS services solutions strengthen your cloud security posture by preventing and mitigating threats.
  • No Hardware: It lowers the need for expensive hardware and technology upgrades. It changes spending from the capital to operational costs and enables businesses to invest money in their operations.
  • No location dependency: NetOne’s IaaS lets businesses store their data elsewhere, which wouldn’t be affected if something happened at the business’s location.

Our Expertise

Cloud infrastructure consulting: 

We assist you in lowering the expense of cloud migration while ensuring excellent performance, stability, and security of your cloud infrastructure.

Cloud infrastructure management:

We guarantee excellent performance, availability, and scalability for your cloud or hybrid IT infrastructure with our infrastructure management services like design, implementation, monitoring, maintenance, and optimization.

Cloud infrastructure security:

We keep an eye out for security threats against your cloud infrastructure, discover vulnerabilities and perform necessary fixes, boost the effectiveness of your security measures, and more.