Technology-driven Financial support initiative from NetOne.

Device Enablement Scheme

We support Zambia through community engagement and social upliftment through technology initiatives to make people self-reliant through Project Digitize – Device Enablement Scheme. We started the scheme in June 2020.

We empower many professionals in Zambia’s education, healthcare, and other sectors by helping them procure technology gadgets like laptops, phones, tablets and TVs which aid them in performing their job better by improving quality, productivity, and efficiency. 

What we do.

The Digitize team approaches people who could do better with technology’s help. We collect applications, coordinate with financial institutions during processing to evaluate their device affordability and repayment feasibility. In cases where affordability cannot be met, Digitize issues co funding to help with affordable access.

Moreover, we also dispatch devices to them and provide induction training on using the gadgets in the best way to improve productivity and perform better in their work areas.

Device Enablement