Proudly Zambian


NEO Brand

A Zambian brand developed to build world-class computing devices to cater to the various
categories of end user computing demands.


Vocal for Local

We’re proudly local and we want to build our products in Zambia, for Zambia & beyond!

Neo Computing Devices

Neo manufactures top of the range End User Computing Devices are powered by Intel and use leading OEM components such as Western Digital to ensure high-quality computing devices.

Our world-class laptop series is available for all categories of users:

  • Neo Lite Series: Ideal of home users that require basic computing capacity for home and resource-light demands.
  • Neo Inspire Series: The Inspire series is your ideal machine for your home & office balance providing a great fit for work demands but also supporting your
    simple home demands.
  • Neo Pro Series: The Pro series is our top range performance driven machines for enterprises demanding high-end computing capacity to process larger volumes of
    data at faster speeds.

Vocal for Local – Proudly Zambian

NetOne NeoTech is a Zambian registered technology company which will soon be establishing a local Computer Assembly Unit in Lusaka, Zambia. In partnership with Intel, we aim to deliver affordable computing devices for every Zambian. We believe in being vocal for locals, and our initiatives are driven through sustainable practices that support empowering our populace with technology.

Choose the Right One

Our consultants are readily available to help you choose the right Neo device that will
meet your computing needs.

Things to Consider When Buying a laptop:

  • Cost
  • Purpose – Business / Personal – or both
  • Operating system – Neo devices come pre-loaded with Windows
  • Screen size
  • Processor & RAM
  • Storage space