Human Resource Management

Sage 300 People - Grow faster with quicker hiring & efficient working.


Reduce Payroll processing time

You can reduce payroll processing time with automated payroll processing and integrations with your attendance system. Teams can use the saved time for more value-added activities. 


Streamline Communications

Gain visibility of an employee across the Sage 300 People modules. A centralized recording of all employee information enables clear and transparent communication.


Reduce Administrative Efforts

Maintaining employee records and updating HR policies will be quicker and more efficient as Sage 300 eliminates manual tracking of employees with automation that saves time and effort.


Stay Compliant with Zambia's Laws

Sage 300 People software development notes localized regulatory adherences. It complies with all of Zambia’s laws, including labor law regulations and employee welfare.

HR Netone


NetOne has the expertise in implementing Sage 300 People. It is an agile, innovative, and cost-effective HR solution. We empower organizations to effortlessly and powerfully process your business’s HR and payroll functions.

Sage 300 People helps companies handle complex HR and Payroll functions by making them automated and improving efficiencies. Sage, being an agile and cost-effective solution with loads of flexibility, the implementation is quick and enhances data security along with efficient processes.

Essential features in Sage 300 People include:

  • Employee Management
  • Leave management
  • Performance Management
  • Company Management
  • Content Management
  • Calculations
  • ERP Integration
  • Budgeting and
  • Self Service

Why Choose us for Sage 300 People?

Our approach is always customer process-oriented rather than products oriented. We thoroughly analyze our customers’ IT landscape and business processes before recommending the perfect software solution with Sage. 

NetOne can help by preparing an in-depth roadmap for optimizing a process-driven path and deploying fully functional software solutions with customization.

  • Certified Consultants
  • Excellent Support
  • Vast Experience
  • Proven Methodology
  • Solution Oriented Approach