Drive efficiency with Board Management Software - For boards & Executives.


NBoard Board Management Software helps Board members can address any shortcomings, redundancies, and defects of conducting board meetings on paper using our simple and cutting-edge technology solution. Enabling a board director’s workflow and procedures on Nboard allows companies to organize and simplify board meetings onto a single, secure, collaborative platform.

Benefits of a Board Management Software

  • Delivery of Board packages is quick and digital for meetings.
  • Businesses can cut expenditures on things like lodging, printing, and travel.
  • Board members may conveniently attend board meetings remotely thanks to board meeting software. 
  • Meetings of boards are more organized, easy, and insightful.
  • Using it as an online board management tool for top-level operations enables a more flexible approach to arranging and hosting meetings.

NBOARD Advatnages

  • 100% paperless, economically priced, and simple-to-use board meeting planning and management solution.
  • Sophisticated high-performance software built with a strong foundation for the mobile experience is easy for admin and users to understand.
  • Secure cloud hosting option installation with data on the NCloud, housed in state-of-the-art Tier Ill data centers by Netone.
  • On-Premises Local Deployments offer licenses for universities that want to host the platform internally. The platform is housed in the safest data center settings and with top-notch security resilience. 
  • We have a committed professional services staff available to assist you at all times, helping on a 24/7 basis.

Key Features

  • A dashboard shows users a single, consolidated view of all their participating meetings.
  • Host several legal entities on the platform and grant users specific access.
  • Schedule meetings, creation of agendas, and approvals with follow-ups.
  • The arrangement of the board papers, documents, and other files is well-organized and simple to follow.
  • Member list with contact information for other board members to use as references.
  • Events from the past and future are on a single page. A calendar displays all the meetings to which the user has accepted invitations.
  • Users get access to a single view of all saved papers when board packs comprising various document kinds are submitted.
  • Add your handwritten notes, sticky notes, and highlights to Board packs to create your annotations.