Accelerate operational agility with our data storage solutions.


Storage Optimization and Integration Services

NetOne’s Security Operations Center (SOC Services) safeguards the assets and data vital to an organization’s operations. 


Storage & Data Management Services

Establish and uphold robust IT Policies and a business continuity plan that aligns with your organizational objectives

Storage solutions

Storage Solutions

With evolving technology, business information volumes grow exponentially. Data is your company’s most valuable asset. Businesses have continual hurdles to keep up with expanding data demand. Get purpose-built storage solutions for all your IT needs from NetOne. Fulfill your business objectives while increasing your productivity and reducing your IT costs.

  • Transform your company with the help of a cloud-savvy storage partner. NetApp assists you in modernizing your cloud strategy with improved data, intelligent AI-based solutions, and quicker apps.
  • Elevate your storage experience with an agile platform that runs everything from VMs to containers to test/dev while expanding smoothly across a hybrid cloud.

Benefits of using NetOne Storage Solutions

Empower your IT organization: Transform the IT function into a facilitator and an innovator. Provide IT Services more quickly with modern storage capabilities.

Harness the power of your business data: Discover the hidden value in your data and optimize processes. Accelerate analytics performance to serve crucial workloads such as artificial intelligence-powered data insights and dynamic reports.

Leverage leading brands: Benefit from our partnership based on a comprehensive understanding of your IT environment and utilizing the leading global storage suppliers.

Our partners include leading global storage brands like – Netapp, Nimble, HPE, and EMC.

storage solutions
storage solutions

Our Expertise

Storage Optimization and Integration Services

We help in planning and implementing storage- and data-related hardware and software solutions, as well as data migration to new environments, helping to decrease project risk and maximize product value.

Storage and Data Managed Services

Leverage our capabilities as a top-tier service provider to manage your storage environments with reliable storage, data protection, and data recovery. Today’s storage technologies and multiple data protection features are complex. We maintain, service, and perform regular upkeep to ensure the maximum performance of storage systems.