Simplify Payments with Swish Pay Unified Payment Platform


Pay Merchants

Get contactless and secure payments in-store or remotely using Swish Pay directly from your Visa/MasterCard Debit or Credit Card, or Mobile Money


Receive Money

You can sign up to be a Swish Merchant to receive payments from multiple mobile money and local or international Card schemes.


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With Swish Pay you can freely publish promotions, specials and much more to the entire Swish user base.

Swish Pay

Swish Pay is Zambia’s first wallet-neutral merchant enablement and payment aggregation platform. We facilitate instant payment processing between consumers and merchants. Discover more.

Enabling Zambia’s digital payments journey

Mobile money is rapidly becoming popular with over K300Bn in value of transaction processed in 2022. Typically, mobile money used cases has been centred around Person to Person payments but Swish Pay is spearhead the movement to enable digital merchant payments for micro, small, medium and large sized merchants. Any person or business offering products and services can now sign up for Swish to receive payments from multiple card schemes such as Visa & MasterCard along with Mobile Money options from MTN, Zamtel and Airtel – all on one platform. Through the Swish Pay platform:

  • Consumers no longer need to worry about whether their merchants accept a specific payment type (Card / Mobile Money) – with Swish Pay, all payment types are accepted by Swish Merchants.
  • Micro traders and consumers without a bank account can receive money directly to their mobile money wallets while larger & more established merchants can receive payments directly into any one of the 18 Banks operational in Zambia.
  • Businesses are able to build data using their Swish Pay transaction records that can enable micro traders gain easier access to financial products.
  • Join over 20,000+ active Swish Pay users and 1200+ merchants overgrowing each day.

Consumers > How do I use Swish Pay?

You can download the Swish Pay smart app or use the USSD channels for making

You also automatically get enrolled onto the Swish Pay Loyalty programme when using the Swish Pay App. For USSD services, dial *767#.

Link your Visa/MasterCard debit/credit Card or Mobile Money wallet to make payments to a Swish registered merchant.

  • Do more with your money right where you have it! Make simple and secure payments directly from your Mobile Money Wallet or Bank account (via your Visa or MasterCard) directly to a street-side vendor, pay for clothes or groceries, or even pay for the services of a tailor! You can do so much more with Swish Pay!
  • Discover shops near you and those with discount offers and promotions with the “Merchant near me” and “Promotions” feature on the smart app.
  • Earn Swish Pay points for all transactions on the platform and redeem them for FREE rewards at select merchant outlets. Go to the Loyalty Section on the App to check out what Rewards awaits you!
  • Don’t have a smartphone; don’t stress! Simply dial *767# to pay a merchant near you and get started with the Swish Pay Lifestyle!

Go Digital with Swish Pay:

Download your Swish Pay app today. Available for Android and iOS.

Merchants > Simplify Receiving Payments

Choose a single bank account or digital wallet to receive a settlement of your funds—simple single-account reconciliation for funds received from multiple payment types. 

  • Use a Static QR code /Till Number issued by Swish Pay to receive a payment.
  • Install the Merchant App to initiate payments directly from consumers
  • Run targeted promotions on the Swish Pay platform and increase sales.

Swish Pay Loyalty Program

Gain more by using Swish Pay. Earn Swish loyalty points for each merchant transaction and redeem them for discounts and gifts on the Swish Pay Merchant Offers on the Loyalty program platform. 

Learn more on the Swish Pay Platform at