Technology has always transformed and taken new forms to provide better living environments that enhance the lives of people. This is considered as an evolutionary process as each new introduction of technology provides business to create newer needs and methods to satisfy customers.

One of the most flamboyant innovations of this century, “Cloud Computing” has been the fastest adopted technology compared to any other and its usage is spread across many domains and industries. One of the most important reasons for such a wide and fast adoption of cloud computing is the ever-increasing usage of smartphones and mobile devices that gives accessibility to the internet.

One crucial factor why cloud computing technology has been so widespread is that it is not just for big organizations and businesses but the technology has facilitated the development of subsidiary products in the form of software that can be used by the average persons as well. In a way, it can be said that as the Internet has become today a lifeline for all of us, cloud computing has become an icing over the cake.

A technology that rapidly has become the 21st-century marvel today has become important in almost every field.

Having said that it always needs to be understood that just implementing the cloud-based solution is no longer enough. Businesses have to find out new methods to innovate and use cloud platforms as their backbone to create valuable products for the empowerment of humankind.

Ultimately it is the customer needs that need to be understood and with the help of unprecedented access to expert services, any business will be able to provide enhanced and scalable solutions to their customers.

Here are four major ways in which cloud computing has already started shaping our lives and is here to stay in various forms in the many years to come.

Secure and Productive Data Management :

It is estimated that roughly applications like HD videos will account for 89% of user traffic by the year 2025. Data is growing exponentially and it is cloud technology that is facilitating this growing volume of data. Today network bandwidths are driven by entertainment videos as well as user-generated image and video content which also consists of educational and informative videos. Then there is a huge chunk of data that is generated in the form of digital files and the web page that is created via machine to machine communications over the internet. 

Cloud computing is enabling us to well manage and store this ever-increasing data volume and not just that, it also provides us data mining capabilities to help us derive usable insights from this stored data anytime and anywhere.

Autonomous Vehicles are driving in:

No, we are not talking about the movie back to the future. Well, at least many of the things we have watched are becoming a reality today. Our vision of robots driving us is closer to reality but a step ahead there are no drivers at all. Thanks to the power of the cloud and with the help of smartphones, autonomous vehicles come with sensors and cameras that generate a lot of data. Much of the day though has to be processed in real-time a huge part of it is saved in the cloud that will help in better machine learning capabilities.

That’s not all, every single vehicle will be powered with a video feature that will add up to the security capabilities of the vehicle the feeds of which will also be stored in the cloud. Hence it can be very certainly argued that cloud is no more a mystery or a thing of the future. It has transformed t be an everyday utility service.

Emerging Artificial Intelligence:

Earlier in the day, I was conversing with a highly experienced CEO of a reputed Hospitality Management firm and what baffled me was the kind of knowledge and vision this person has envisioned for all his hotels with Artificial Intelligence. The firm was doing away with paper and also manned reception desks. They were planning to have AI to such extents that even before the guests appear at their hotels they wanted to customize their presentations with all the preferences and that too with minimal human interventions 

Surely it is not something of the past as today AI with the help f cloud computing has given us the ability to store huge volumes of data in the cloud which helps in analyzing and driving insights from it. This coupled with AI can create a one of a kind experience.

Cloud supports AI to adapt to new platforms in particular mobile phones and right so AI has made a way not only into phones but also today sporadic social media as well.

Summary :

Cloud computing is helping society to cope with many problems such as managing data, cybersecurity issues and also it has networked and transformed the way we perform our day to day businesses. Our lives have been better connected with the help of the internet and social media and it also has been enabled with the help of cloud technologies.

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